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Taiyou no Eien

"Oh, how I wish to go down with the sun..."

Winged Elysium
20 August 1986
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the whispers of the midnight:
enticing murmurs through evergreens
sweet surrounding reverberations
shining twinkles of crystal bells
flutters of wingèd leaves
a scintillating fairy lake echoing starlight
its ripples etched in silver glass
a phantom harmony of elfin song shimmers
calling you home--
but you are...."entangled in your own dreams"...

There is an Elysium found inside each of us, if we would only stop and look, for that is where true beauty resides. The rest is, after all, only wing deep.

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Rest in peace, Milliardo-sama. You treated my friends and me well. I am sorry that I couldn't do the same for you. Y_Y